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Sea Bay

My vision is to create a integrative wellbeing and healing modalities place "The Hoopoe House" that offers a unique approach to human beings' neurodivergent and bio-individual healing paths.

My mission is to break the cycle of trauma through my work by restoring human connections to the self and others. My mission is to support and contribute towards the creation of psychologically informed communities that enable holistic wellbeing experiences.

Abraham Hicks

"No one can deny you or grant you anything. It all comes to you by virtue of your own vibration."



I am an Integrative Wellbeing and Healing Practitioner, my background enables me to use integrative therapeutic coaching, integrative nutrition and health coaching,  creative performance coaching (drama and art), breath word facilitation, meditation and integrated modalities of therapy to professionally support  your neurodivergent and bio-individual needs of healing. I am also an Inner Map and Old Stories Archeologist and certainly a Narrative Disruptor.

Narrative Disruptors Workshops

Trauma informed Workshops, Psycho-education and Therapeutic coaching

Sacred Noms Workshop

Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching

HomeComing Retreat

Intensive Healing and wellbeing experience.

Inner Circles

Monthly Wellbeing Circles with a focus on relationships & Connection

Let's Connect

Devon, UK


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Hi! I have been in the same place where you are before and in the process of both my own healing and becoming qualified I have learned that healing is non linear and happens in waves and in the most unexpected times and places in life. I was able to feel that my healing was coming to fruition when I committed to the inner work required on a holistic level (body, mind, heart and soul). And in what felt like decades of too many roads less travelled, I have found my calling, which is the work I do with my clients. I am ever so grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout all my leaps of faith, my parallel universes and my inner merry go rounds! I am grateful to you and all those who take a step closer towards their healing, for you keep the ripple effect going and makes the circle go wider. 

I believe in the the magic of the  process. I think human beings are the most beautiful creation on earth and from there on, I see you. This is where our work begins. I hope you find what you are looking for and on that path you learn to trust your inner process. 


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