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Schools and Community Days

These are awareness days aimed at young adults (16 - 18 years old) and community empowerment organisations. 

These can be delivered as sessions, full days and as part of mental health awareness campaigns and initiatives. 

My intention is to support young adults and the greater community about the importance of mental health as a central part of our everyday life, create awareness about how can we bring more compassionate wellness to cultivate resilience and deep understanding and consciousness of our human condition.


Mental Health Awareness 

Topics may include:

  • Understanding the brain and the nervous system as a central tool of our everyday life. 

  • What is Mental Health?

  • Trauma Awareness 

  • Tools to manage stress and anxiety

  • Life Skills (Inner Leadership - Making Decisions - Conflict Management - Resilience - Emotional Detox).

  • Managing relationships. 

  • Finding your own voice.

  • Neuro Diversity. 

  • Body image and self esteem.

  • Integrative Nutrition and understanding your bio-individuality.

  • Mindfulness: Brining Compassion through Mindful Presence.

  • The Mental Wellbeing behind Circular Economies.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above topics or work with me to develop a bespoke event for your target audience, please drop me a line here and let's connect and take it from there.

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