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Therapy on the Go
A Community Initiative

Collective healing - Spreading Awareness - Breaking the Cycle of Trauma

Therapy on the Go

An initiative that is focused on creating awareness about the impact of healing the community, giving a taster of what it is like to be in a professional, safe and professional space that aims to facilitate your healing. 

This is about giving a taste for the nation of what it is like and supporting spread a deeper understanding in communities about the healing work we need to as individuals and groups in order to restore a real sense of wellbeing in our societies. 

The key intention is to create more psychologically information human beings to eventually support and contribute to breaking the cycle of trauma

The idea is take off from Devon and expand regionally in major cities around the country.


How does it work?

Funded initiative: I am currently looking for government funds, sponsors, donors or entities that interested in the same mission or cause. 

Therapists or Healers who would like to participate. 

Some of the Resources required are:

A branded van (Therapy on the Go)

Awareness campaign

Regional tour around England (as a first stop for the initiative)

1- 2  additional therapists per region (South East - South West - Midlands - North West - North East)


Therapists time 

Parking costs / passes

If you interested to know how it works, if you are a sponsor or a funder or donor, please get in-touch with me to make this happen 

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