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The odyssey of The Hoopoe House is the creation of well-being spaces. This is a place where you are confidentially, non-judgmentally and professionally supported. This is a place that can hold your space. Here, you are listened to and you are free to express yourself, with all its manifestations and contradictions. It is a place where you can heal, make the transformation you aspire to and evolve into your optimum bio-individual wellness. This is the well-being place. 

Here is where wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit. Here is where you will experience an inter-disciplinary integrative approach to healing, transformation and evolution. Here is where you shed all the layers that dont serve you in the most natural and organic path in a journey where you experience and witness the magic within you as it is put to work. Here is your well-being place.

The Hoopoe House is set out to support human beings in their journeys to optimum bio-individual wellbeing, and in doing so we hope to inspire a ripple effect of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, where there is collective awakening, gratitude, enlightenment and abundant transcendence.


The "Hoopoe" in the name is inspired by The Conference of the Birds, as well as my own treasured encounters with the Hoopoe throughout varied milestones and landmark experience in too many paths that I have led. 

The Conference of The Birds is a beautiful story about all kinds of birds coming to realise they don't have a king. Therefore, they decided to go and seek the sublime bird known as the Simorg. They were not unanimous, however. Many procrastinated. But the wise hoopoe helped them overcome their resistance, dispelling their illusions and exhorting  them to embark on this most meaningful journey. They elected the hoopoe to be their trusted guide. After a long voyage of transformation and metamorphosis, they reached the abode of the Simorg. When the veil was finally lifted, they discovered that the Simorg was but the reflection of their own nature, their true Self. The hoopoe has since worn the crown of wisdom. 

The hoopoe is a wise, courageous and persevering guide, supporting your transformation and accompanying you along the way till you reach your goals, in animal symbolism; the hoopoe is an invitation of openness to messages of the spirit. The ‘Hoopoe’ is the book you open by chance to a passage you need; a dream that reveals an underlying truth; the synchronous events that focus your attention; the quiet meditation that allows you to hear your own inner voice.

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