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My name is Ghada (Haida if you can't make the gurgly sound of the GH together). My name is Egyptian, and it means a luscious abundant tree that gives an abundance of shade, joy, wellbeing and graceful beauty, some dictionaries have other meanings, but I like to go with this one, If you really think of the tree as a metaphor and what it brings to life, the earth, the universe and human beings. This is my intention and vision through my "being" experience and the work I do.   

    I am an Integrative Wellbeing and Healing Practitioner delivering my work in the UK (face2face or online), and internationally (online) through the lens of a humanistically holistic (looks at healing on the mental, emotional and physical states) and a creative psycho-dynamics approach. I combine both top down (talk therapies) and bottom up (working with body) for the healing and recovery required for my clients, who I call Seekers.


    I specialise in delivering Healing and Wellness Experiences in creative ways that cater for human beings' bio-individuality and neurodivergence to offer unique and creative spaces for your healing and transformation. I meet you with a curious professionalism and a personalised approach to work with you on what works best for you. I honour your inner rhythm and your healing space. I hold space for you guided by the numerous code of ethics set by the varied accreditation bodies I qualified with. 

    In my work I use an integrative therapy approaches, intertwined with breath work, meditation, nutrition, creative performance coaching, mindfulness, and psycho-education. 

    Wherever you are in your healing paths, or whatever is it you are facing and feel that you need enabling, facilitation or support with, drop me a line to schedule an Intake Session. 


    If you are worried about where you are in life and not sure where to go next and which direction to take or if you want a wellbeing check-up, please contact me to book a Wellbeing Consultation. My 121 programme and consultations are delivered in both native English (British) and Arabic (Egyptian) languages.

    My clients come from all different parts and paths around the world. If you are one of them and want to learn more about me on a deeper level before we talk; I invite you to read part of my stories on my blog and drop me a line here. 

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