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Homecoming Retreat

“Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.” Charles Dickens

This is about building the courage to be brave and heal, transform and build healthy connections with our bodies. The challenge is set out to help you understand what self confidence is made of, what does self actualisation mean. It depicts judgmental thoughts, types of abuse, harassment, sexual expression. We will discuss things that would help you get in the way to shaking off fear, shame and guilt areas that have been locked in your body as a result of trauma, conditioning and abuse. The challenge is aimed to touch down on issues related to body image and its relationship to body performance, trauma, stress, anxiety, movement as therapy, breath work as a releasing instrument, inner correlations that serve our bravery to take on our potential and support our ability for healthy and productive confrontations.

This is a 3 day retreat that takes place in Egypt, in the middle of it astounding nature. It is a full experience of immersion into healing. An opportunity to reconnect with your wilderness, all your parts and learn new ways to de-stress and new ways of being in your life. 

Once you register, you will receive further information and next steps.

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