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Integrative Nutrition and Health Empowerment

"Given half a chance the body will heal itself."                                                                                          Dr. Joshua Rosenthaal

Based on your bio-individuality, we will embark on a personalised journey to understand how does nutrition play a pivotal role in your wellness. We will gradually build the skills or behavioural patterns required to support your food choices become more holistic for you. The aim is to find your optimal wellness, I work on both primary and secondary food and focus on what works for you.  

The programme serves your "metamorphosis" from where you are to what is optimal health for you.

This is a personalised 6 months programme (2 sessions per month) at £1200 with an initial Health History Consultation at £50.

You can also have an Initial Health History Consultation at £50 and follow with generic Health Coaching sessions once per month at £50.

If any of the following sentences identify with you, then this programme is for you:

  • I am experiencing weight imbalances and I want to learn how to navigate to the balance that serves me.

  • I am feeling lethargic, experiencing fatigue or lacking energy.

  • You are constantly shifting between moods.

  • You binge eat, emotionally eat or over or under eat.

  • You dont have a conscious relationship with food that serves your wellness.

  • You have been eating organic food yet not feeling at its best. 

  • You want to use food as a means of prevention from dis-ease but dont know how.

  • You are experiencing anxiety, high levels of stress.

  • You are quick to get angry and feel overwhelmed.

  • You are experiencing acid reflux, bloating carrying excess weight around the waist.

  • You are feeling that everything is on your nerves or just generally find it hard to get pleasure out of any experience in life.

  • You are experiencing brain fog, lack of stamina and with low motivation to do anything.

  • Your inner feelings are constantly different from what you say when people ask you how are you?

  • You cant not remember well anymore.

  • You feel detached and want to isolate yourself from people.​

  • You are working with a doctor to enhance your health and would like natural ways of giving your health a boost next to what the doctor prescribed.

The programme is aimed at supporting you understand what changes you need to make in your relationship to you body. Together we will work to gain an in-depth understanding of you bio-individuality and accommodate its uniqueness. We will quelch the anxiety and traumatic stress being increased with the lack of understanding for nutrition, food and their consequent relationship to your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

You will understand your cravings and be empowered to curb them into something that serves you wellness more. I will support you deal with underlying ​digestive issues, mood swings and create a more peaceful you who is on top of their life.


Through growing new habits that empower you we will build your strength to cultivate transformational habits to replenish your nutrients, minerals that stress robs from your body. We will restore your gut health back into naturally driven balance. This work will gradually improve your sleep, enhance your sleep quality and recharge your energy.

Through my work with Wellbeing Seekers we tend to cover an array of topics depending on their bio-individuality, including but not limited to: What is bio-individuality? - What is primary and secondary food? - What are the two brains? - What causes toxins? - What makes it important to detox? - What are the types of detox that fits your bio-individuality - What is inflammation (Causes, roots and treatments)? - What are food allergies and sensitivities? - Our relationship with cravings and addiction - How to implement intermittent fasting? - What is a leaky gut? - What is auto-immune disease? - How to create the balance in our environment in relationship to our health? - What is the science behind mixing food? - How to choose your food sources? - How to cook healthy? - How to choose the proper ingredients and read the labels? - What is crowding? - What are the different diets out there and how relevant to our health are they? - What is an elimination diet? - What is weight as a projection of our holistic health? - Healthy Food Recipes  that fit your bio-individuality - What is habitual transformation? - How to create healthy habits that sustain? - How can we decode our limiting beliefs? - Supplements and Vitamins: Good, bad, necessary or not and how? - How to develop your wellbeing rituals? - What are whole foods? - The science behind your sleep and its relationship to your overall health and the functionality of your life - Integrative Nutrition for mental resilience and emotional balance - Relationships ship between our health and soil - Food Synergies and Diversity -Healing through Intermittent fasting: A step by step guide - Ayurveda eating - Food tastes and what to choose when? - Breathing Work and meditation - Creating wellness into your space - Intuitive Eating - Hormonal balance - Stress elimination. 


At the end of our journey you grow new habits that transform your life for the better, you are more empowered to come to life from a pace of empowerment and understanding of how when you remove cognitive distortions and faulty conditioning about your body and your relationship with it, all else are alleviated. 


Request an initial Health History Session here.

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