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Meraki Retreat

3 days of inner healing and recovering your understanding of your wellbeing

Meraki is a Greek adjective that describes doing something with soul, creativity, love and passion. The Modern Greeks describe this as putting yourself into whatever you are going. This could be used to describe anything from cooking or preparing a meal, to arranging a room and more. 

This is a 3 days retreat either by the sea or camping in a forest, to reconnect with yourself, and Mother Earth. It is about using earth elements to heal, coming together in a safe place that is guided professionally to enable you rejuvenate, and relax. It is designed for anyone who feels life has been overwhelming for a while and want to get some space on their own to re-ground themselves, emotionally and mentally cleanse and un-muddle themselves from intertwined areas.

This is ideal for those of you who feel stressed and burnout, I understand the pressures you have faced can leave you in a place where you are overwhelmed, drained, and sometimes angry and lost. Therefore, I invite you to join a transformative journey with me on Meraki. 

In a world like today, we are often required to act from a place that is always driven to achieve, from one achievement to chasing the next one, neglecting the important of our wellbeing. Meraki Retreat is the place where it is time to shift your focus and priorities your healing. 

By joining Meraki, you will:

Experience an environment that is design to nurture you and enable you recover from stress and burnout.

  • You will have time to relax and rejuvenate.

  • You will access places within you that lead you to your abundance and healing.

  • You will understand how to make healthier choices within an overwhelming life.

  • You will understand how to create healthy boundaries with yourself. 

  • You will get an opportunity to connect with people who are like you on a journey of healing and wellbeing.

  • We will together connect with the elements of the earth for healing and learn we are always surrounded with infinite sources and how to tap into them when we want to heal. 

This is a genuine escape and change from everything you know to something that would help you feel unstuck. You will be surrounded with professional guides and I will be leading the workshop in a safe, non judgement, professional and confidential environment, you will have a space to express yourself freely and to experience an environment that is nurturing, psychologically informed and you will be offered a nutritional and delicious meals. This retreat is designed to help you break free from your stress, anxiety and limiting beliefs. 

We will have there ceremonies in this retreat, healing and sacred cacao will be served and the music will vibrate through meditative breaths and dancing to celebrate and renew our energies, to reconnect with our hearts and find our voices. 

This is a completely guided environment, where you will be supported and free to do what feels right for you at the moment. 

To register for this workshop, please note you will need to:

  1. Fill out a consent form.

  2. An application form.

  3. A health history form.

  4. And will have 121 session with me so I can ensure this is the best experience for you. 

To register your interest for the next Meraki Retreat (Winter 2023-2024),

please contact me here.



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