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A Bit Of Context

My journey is no different than yours, and many others who have always had the persisting call of “there must be something more to this life”. From there on I have been weeding through the noise of life to find my unique voice and pursue a journey that transcends out of my core authentic potential and optimal wellness. ​I am a non-conformist, free spirit, anti-pre-packaged checklists, name-tags, concepts or definitions for ways of living, anti- mainstream anything for that matter! I am all for roads less travelled and believe there are no short-cuts to life! I am also a wellness activist, someone who always adopts a beginner's mind, passionate about creativity and the power of art in creating wellness. I am a truth seeker; my work is inspired by my own personal journey and the many Seekers (Clients) I have worked with. I believe that practitioners who walk their talk are truly valuable as they carry bio-individuality in the core of their work. What works for you is not necessarily what works for others. To learn more about my personal journey, visit my blog here.

The Eureka Moment

My Eureka moment was in 2002; after delivering a successful corporate event. I was shredding plans we have worked on for a year at 12 am, almost alone on the company site except for security men. I looked at the shredded papers and realised that this is not how I want to spend the rest of my life and if there is anything I ought to leave behind; it would be contributing to making more human hearts smile. Since then I pursued a journey of knowledge, transformation, healing, awakening and enlightenment and continuous evolution to become a better practitioner. In 2007, besides my corporate job, I launched my practice in Hampstead, London offering Inner well-being experiences, through group and 1:1 sessions and workshops. The philosophy of my work is stemmed from a holistic multi-disciplinary approach addressing wellness on a mind-body heart model. My motivation is driven from my own personal journey(s) to wellness. It is the source from which all transcends in one's life. The experiences I offer adopt an integrated approach combining a wide spectrum of certification and learning in the disciplines of psychology, practical philosophy, coaching, mentoring and facilitating. I dont believe there is a point that I will be able to say I am done with learning. I enjoy the process and continue to evolve with the knowledge I acquire.

The Beginner's Mind

I adopt a beginner's mind in all my work in supporting human beings improve their health, happiness and quality of life so we can together inspire an awakened humanity that come to life from a place of enlightenment and empowerment. In addition to that; I am a British-Egyptian, with 22 years of international experience in USA, Dubai, UK and the MENA region. So I have a bunch of under and post graduate qualifications. These disciplines include but are not limited to: Economics, International Marketing, Life Coaching (Niches include: Authenticity, Transformation & Change, Inner Voice, Well-being, Empowerment and lifestyle), Positive Psychology, Transcendental Psychology, Practical Philosophy, Breath Work, Transcendental Mediation, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Existential and Humanistic Therapy, Filmmaking, Drama and Art Therapy (Niche: Healing through Story-telling), Social Entrepreneurship Mentoring, Circle Facilitating, Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching; this is in addition to 22 years of international multi-national experience in the MENA region. USA and UK and 18 years in Holistic and Integrative Well-being.

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