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You Are the Seeker of Your Own Magic

Q&A on getting professional wellness support. This article was published in the Daily Crisp.

Our presence in this world is an intricate scientific detail amidst a majestically vast and genius universe. Human beings are bundles of energy that dynamically give and take from their surroundings. The universe in return will find ways to respond to your energy vibes. And unlike, how superficially the law of attraction is being put to work, you are the master of your own universe! You are by all measures the first person you meet in the morning and the ultimate business you run on a daily basis with no chances of resigning or changing careers!

Big words! But are they possible? You see, all disorientation in our vibes come from our unresolved thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Human cells renew themselves every seven years, our bodies cleanse themselves daily to be ready to serve you as best as you “allow” them for the next day. Cleansing is second nature to human beings, without it, too many toxins reside on our internal systems until we break-down, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Holistically, your body is your temple. It is your call to make this ride full of beauty and grace. And despite how our lives maybe twisted by destiny, still, the magic is an inherited ability in each one of us, when given the right environment. Knowing, accepting and loving yourself with all its flaws is a good starting point to reclaim your wellbeing. But the road to heaven is filled with redemption! And no, it is not greener on the other side!

So, what does it mean for a human-being to be well? Let’s set this straight first; being well, in essence, is about giving yourself permission to be human, with your ups and downs, craves and binges, and yet knowing how to deal with it in a way that puts it in a place, where you feel well. Scientifically, wellness refers to the diverse and interconnected dimensions of physical, mental and consequently social state of being well. This extends far beyond any one element of the three alone. It is the collective term referring to your good balanced nutrition, physical care through training, spiritual connections regardless of your belief, your emotional healing and mainly your mental wellness.

How can I start? In one of my previous workshops, I used to ask participants to repeat to pin this phrase in a place that they see every morning: “I am a human being, my being is achieved through being well. What choices will I make today to empower my wellbeing? Once we started building the awareness, realizations led to elimination, eventually, replacements were made with new wellbeing choices, and inner resilience was given a space to train and play on. Challenges you face while building up your wellbeing are the ones that empower you more in the long term, unlike what things are when working against your wellbeing. How is wellbeing achieved? Some people are able to do it on their own, given the vast internet resources on avail. Though it is highly recommended you do it alongside a Practitioner, other than the generic pop culture wellness information everywhere, wellbeing is actually a science that is designed to tailor for the unique nature of each individual.

What is most important in the journey to your wellbeing? Being authentic. In a way that means being deciphered from all this social conditioning, you were brought up to, creating your own voice, being honest to your true essence and bravely breaking walls to fully live it. From there on, things start coming together.

What does it mean to choose my wellbeing? Consciously “choosing” decisions that generate a life that is aligned with your physical vitality, mental alacrity and a sense of fulfillment of your true essence. However, before we can indulge our lives with what seems to be a simple recipe, we need to understand that there is no one thing for all, every one of us is a unique being and therefore require a totally unique journey.

What is the difference between Inner wellbeing and mental health? Inner Wellbeing is what human beings eventually need to experience with their lives as a result of their physical and emotional cleansing and healing. Mental health is a human being’s ability to handle information and use their psychological and sensory tools in a way that supports them move forward, rather than cripple their presence as a functional member of the society.

Who to go to when I want to work on my wellbeing? If in seeking for physical/health wellbeing then call a Trainer or nutritionist or/and health coach. If in seeking for mental and emotional wellbeing then call a life coach or/and wellbeing practitioner.

However, if you feel mentally ill, then consult a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Accredited coaches should be able to refer you if you don’t know the difference.

As Rumi put it: “Everything in the universe is within you, ask all from yourself”. One cannot achieve mental and emotional wellness without physical wellness and vice versa. Start with what you feel most urging and pace yourself.

In our societies, we are left unprepared to manage our wellbeing, except for what could be acquired from family, school and general experiences and observations, which does not necessarily mean that you acquired the right information or have developed the skills to support your journey; that is precisely what makes working with a practitioner a worthwhile investment.

No matter which part of the world you live in, you have to do the work required to sustain your wellbeing, and of course, people in countries with less or no attention to the peoples’ wellbeing strive more to face absurd challenges to stay well. Yet, more and more people are proving it possible. If anything, this is the one true journey you owe it to yourself, to be, to live.

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