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Until you are actually in the middle of the field, you never realise how challenging are the things you call your dreams!

In 2003, a eureka moment sparked in my heart after a remarkably successful corporate event that I would have orchestrated with my team for a top-notch multi-national company. All, along with being the title of a manager in a multi-national at the age of 23, having a senior role in Rolls Royce (but yet locking myself in the bathroom and crying my heart out of misery) are things that are considered to score high on the mainstream check-lists of achievement and fitting in. Not my list though, actually, I do not have one!

However, I was sat there at 12 am in the event site, doing a post event audit and thinking of the event post mortem report! Watching also unnecessary documents being shredded, documents which concluded 6 months out of my life labouring my heart into the preparation of the event. I realised at that specific moment that my heart has less bulbs lit! I do not want to leave a bunch of shredded documents behind. I wanted to leave an impact and to make a difference wherever I exist or belong. All I knew at this moment was one sentence, one inner voice that kept recurring: “If I die making, someone’s heart smile then I know at least that I have made a difference for the better in the world.”

The process of making dreams come true is far from easy, but because it is part of your purpose and passion, no matter how gruelling it is, it remains fun, interesting and exquisite because it speaks directly to your uniqueness, authenticity and bio-individuality. A golden rule here is keep the faith, trust the process no matter how many uncertainties you are faced with and always approach things from a beginner’s mind.

Two expeditions in life offer the most astounding yet challenging routes; Knowledge and Love!

Nevertheless, the path will still have times where it gets boring, challenging and excruciatingly painful. As healers, we receive extensive training on how to set emotional boundaries especially when your job is about listening and being there in the most intimate and most painful moments of a human being’s life. We are trained on how to release the pain and how to overcome through embracing and empathy; how to hold someone’s space yet support them through the call into their supreme power to reclaim their right to live a better life, to experience wellness in their being.

As a healer, you learn to experience with different tools in serving others, just to master your services. From creating rituals pre and post sessions, mastering your brain and really keeping the mind-set of the healer who can serve through bringing much patience and professional understanding to all routes possible to someone’s healing, not only that you heal yourself but you grow and learn to surf through the service game with much more love and fun. Above all skills you can learn, there is the being patient while keeping the hope that your clients (I call them Seekers) will eventually get better. In addition, it almost never fails or falters, they always do, eventually get better.

Like a mother’s womb, there is nothing more empowering and profound to healing than holding someone’s space and offering unconditional trust, support and a non-judgemental environment where they can express themselves freely and trust that they will always be professionally supported for it.

My passion to support individuals through their journeys to experience a better life saved me.

The passion was not only driven from serving but also from my own personal experience and the level of growth and wisdom healing instils in you when you are truly dedicated to making it happen for yourself. You become so excited in a way that you want to make it happen for everyone, on their own pace and in adequate harmony to their bio-individuality.

Over the years, you build more experience with your Seekers, but some facts remain as shocking as you would have heard them the same time. It is simply how much evil can be stemmed back from social conditioning, upbringing, genes, experiences and just existing in a world of human beings?

I remember driving home after an intensive day of sessions and thinking Tarzan must have been a very healthy human being if he was not fictional! Brought up by animals in a jungle! He probably did way much better than most human beings brought up by other human beings or having to go through interacting with human beings on their way to making life happen for themselves.

Life is so ironic! Thinking about that cruelty, it evokes anger, shame and melancholy and sometimes a surmountable feeling of nihilism or scepticism!

There are no ways where we can recover the damage nor avoid living! Possibly a reason heaven is a promise for those who believe. But there is something that we can all do that might help the world become a better place which is to simply be kind. Every-time before you speak, you act or move; ask yourself is this kind enough for you, to all those around you? Even if they were people passing by and that you will never meet again. You maybe the biggest highlight of their days.

Bring love and kindness into any situation you are in. Be kind and loving in the way you look, feel, talk or act…be kind and loving in the way you use all your senses.

A technique that I have used for years is to take permission from myself whenever there is any situation that I find emotionally uncomfortable or distraught. I would get a moment with myself and ask it gently to please bring love and kindness into the situation. This is a request that I seek from myself. I believe in inner abundance and therefore whatever I need can always be sourced from the inside. I believe in an inner magic pot. Of course, there are days, weeks or months where I find myself out of all magic in the pot. However, I go back to rule number one Trust the PROCESS. If anything; it only tells me that there is something that is not creating balance in the situation and that I need to step back and re-assess.

This whole new normal amidst and post COVID 19 crisis, seems to be nothing but more people going to the worst in what used to be normal sometimes. I guess my hope remains that in all this coming back to normal that we are more conscious of the level of kindness we are bringing to ourselves (as you can never give what you lack) and to everyone and everything around us…to the world. I hope that we take a step back and think of what vibes of energy are we bringing to the world and that we remember that energy ripples and flies faster than any pandemics!!

In the same way we have done universal clapping for those standing on the front-line; I just wish that not all this time would go to waste, that human beings will remember that they are on the front-line of saving themselves and in the process saving others to create a better life. I wish that in the process we may develop international prayers where the human consciousness collectively stands together to request permission from ourselves to “Please bring love and kindness into the situation.” – Maybe one day we will be worth a clap for making earth a better place, for being courteous, graceful and kind to others, and ourselves for honouring our roles and the responsibility that comes with it make wellness happen for ourselves. I hope we think of ourselves as the front-lines of our own wellness and that in this role we play a part in universal wellness.

Wellness is a birthright!

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