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Life Lessons You Were Not Taught At School

This article was published in the Daily Crisp.

Been on that journey for what feels like spiritual ages, all I know is that some good tears, laughs and dreams later, and much gratitude, I have a diary of rainbows and magic wands, where I’ve kept on my bedside drawer, with each experience, I kept saying to myself “you learn”! In here and on my earthly birthday, I share little parts of me with you…

You learn, to close your eyes and let go of all the silent noise in your head and just breathe.

You learn, that you are just a passing by a visitor on a planet called earth! So take things peacefully and “light” heartedly, with much respect to every intricate detail. You are only here for what will eventually feel like a flip of a second!

You learn that tears are mostly soul purifying from faulty social conditioning and the illusionary mayhems of collective consciousness. Every tear is a new born magic feather in the re-birth of your wings, so, fly high!

You learn that laughter is your magic wand; laugh until your heart rocks. It is the glue that sticks the pieces together after every heart break. Laughter makes your heart a sky full of stars, a garden full of flowers!

You learn that very few people will say they are in love with you and really mean it. Fewer will pay attention to what your most intricate details, like; how many laughter lines you get in your face when you smile.

You learn that age is not a matter for evaluation but rather a mere reflection of how much time you had on earth and how much of that time you have done the things your heart desires courageously despite your own inner battle. That all together is your real age.

You learn that inner peace only comes to you when you can let go, so, let go, what is it really that you are holding on so tight to?Life is all vapor in essence.

You learn that the intellects are those who have enlightened hearts…hearts that can see.

You learn that being your core essence takes a life time against all odds, where, you will be fought, misjudged, bruised deeply, and made to believe that you are an outcast, a fallen, a felony at times even and an entire disgrace to human race. Nevertheless, and despite how grueling the journey of the road less traveled is, it is the only thing that is worth it. So be it.

You learn to go fearlessly into silence and for as long as you want when you need to. The deepest conversations you have in this life happen when you experience inner silence and learn to meditate in your own way.

You learn that you will find your inner voice when you sing out loud, have the wind blow at your face with a smile, push your boundaries, cross your limits, demolish your comfort zones, lose everything and everyone, own nothing, break cliche's, bang taboos right at the wall and watch them crash, and literally stand upside down amidst a storm of existential questions, only then you’ll have ears to listen, eyes to see and a heart to feel, only then, you will truly become alive.

You learn that some situations are better met with silence, silence is power.

You learn that your face will never look more graceful than when on joy and sincerity.

You learn that wild feminine qualities are of divine goddesses, God really love women, truly, madly, deeply. Harness that, nourish it, celebrate it and dearly hold onto it. In it is the secret to the gate of life and eternity.

You learn that nothing you say or decide should be put in comparison with or to anything or anyone. It is just what it is at the time it was. Accept that.

You learn that loneliness is not bad, it is a reminder that you are an intricate part of the universe, and that you only have to re-tune your energy vibes to connect again. Start by touching a tree, feel its energy, take a deep breath, ask it how it is, and earnestly say to it: I love you.

You learn that traditional minds and the educated ignorant are just another form of silent killers.

You learn not to assume anything and to give a chance to the world to surprise you and if you truly believe, it will.

You learn that the best present you will ever be offered in this life is a sincere hug.

You learn that your imperfections are the real root of beauty and grace in you. That is exactly what makes you enchanting.

You learn that your enthusiasm is yours, don’t hold people accountable for not reacting to it. You learn to sustain it alone with no cheering, until you make it happen. That goes for your grieve too. And that is all perfectly okay too.

You learn that if you have one friend who truly listens to you, who truly sees through you, without prejudice, then you have been given a piece of heaven on earth.

You learn that solitude is your “inner wellness” time, you must find the time to do it and face yourself until you can become best friends with it.

You learn that the best choices in life are about great love.

You learn that despite your fear of airport halls, moments of home coming and goodbyes, you have to face your fear and do them anyway, tears through smiles, bitter sweet. So be it.

You learn that music is a fundamental education, so are good films and good books.

You learn that people will mostly contradict themselves, they will demand what they don’t give, and they will always love you on their own terms and in their own way. They will take you for granted and never appreciate you until you are gone. You learn, never to leave your heart hanging, claim your heart and expect nothing of people, if it comes it comes, if it doesn’t then that’s sad but sad for a short time is better than delusional for a lifelong.

You learn to grow divine respect to your energy, your karma, and intuition. Those three cosmic majesties are your compass in life.

You learn that people who leave our world, find a way, a new language to connect back to you.

You learn that nature has you covered for this life.

You learn that life is never greener on the other side and neither is it greener on your side. It has to start by being greener on your inside.

You learn that any light you will be seeking is always within.

You learn, to give time its course.

Namaste’ (My soul salutes your soul).

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