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Meditation With The Hoopoe!

In The Hoopoe's take; mediation is a spiritual art therapy tool for a cleansed flow. It connects the three focal holistic points of healing together to create an affluent flow of wellness in your inner world. Spirit is the vessel that contains the heart, mind and body.

After a long journey of holding spaces to support human beings attain wellness. My take on meditation can come across as slightly controversial to the mainstream world. Though I would to establish hope that what follows serve you and hopefully work for you.

When I first started leading mediation circles, I realised there were many who came into meditation as a path that is fashionable rather than a healing tool to use for cleansing their inner energy flow and learning the language of their soul. In many cases, this meant that the energy in the room would be affected. The flow and the vibration would be interrupted for everyone, those who came to explore out of curiosity, those who came to be part of a new fashionable activity and those who came for the real deal. It was challenging but beautifully strong when you witness the transformation for those seekers who came with a lot of cynicism and went away with a lot of belief in the process, as they could touch something changed within them even if they cant quite pin it down. It works.

So even if you are cynical about mediation, as an ancient route to holistic well-being; try to find ways to send your headspace off the grid a bit, in other words give yourself time to breathe and reboot your system so you dont end up in a situation where stress, anxiety and fatigue turns into a chronic case that sabotages the flow of your potential and life.

I am sharing with you some personal guiding tips that I have found useful to get myself from a place of a high end, well oiled, over loaded corporate machine to someone who can access an oasis of calm and tranquility within, as well as lead others to their own inner oasis because of the power of mediation.

  1. Simplify the process: Loose the idealism; As usual the mainstream media throws at you a fashionable image of mediation, where you have to have too many expensive kits to look like a yogi. The yogic philosophy itself accepts the diversity of the states of the mind; it submits into the simple flow and believes in inner abundance. Simplify as much as you can. In any place you have, on any ground, whichever posture you can hold first and with any comfortable clothes you already have. The idea of meditation is to breath, connect the flow and transcend. You dont have to be "instagrammable" to meditate or do any of the wellness related stuff.

  2. Resonate: Whether it is your room, your garden, the kitchen, the bathroom under the shower, whatever the atmosphere is, just do it and let your mind bring in the atmosphere later when you have brought mindfulness into the process of breathing. Start as minimalist as you can. Just bring attention to the rhythm of your breath. Yes, it is that easy.

  3. Breathe: The idea of meditation is an ancient one. It is also part of your normal functions. Our brains have to enter minor phases of meditation to keep going. This is part of their design. The binding factor is the breathing, once you are more mindful of breathing the rest is just magic. Trust your body knows its way once you connect with it in a robust way, it will respond and work proactively to help you achieve more for your wellness.

  4. Unclench: Let us imagine the breath as a magical colourful liquid (cold or warm, you choose) entering through your body. Let us imagine your body as a river for this magical potion to flow. Now you understand that we need to remove the obstruction to get a smooth flow. This balance is born from how relaxed your muscles are. It doesn't mean you have to be in the status of being massaged for 24 hours, although it is a lovely idea for some. Mind you, meditation helps you relax. The idea is to stop grinding your teeth, unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders (along with your corporate image ego), closing or opening your eyes is not the deal, the deal is to get them to relax by resting into a fixed form and let your body sit in a posture that you think is relaxing for you.

  5. Power House: I met a lot of Seekers who explained that they are unable to imagine and that is why they can not meditate. The idea is not about imagining. The idea is about connecting to your mind enough so you can allow it to enter into its meditative state. Simply think of your mind as a clear sky day or a plain canvas. That is all. Use scenes you like and images that you may choose online or from places you have visited to get your brain to form into an oasis gradually. Your brain is a power house, you just need to learn how to talk to it. If guided meditation annoy you, dont use them. Start with focusing on your breath and build from there.

  6. Tools: You may find many online tools that can help you with meditation. Personally, Calm and Unlock Your Life are my best go to meditation support tools. I also meditate by bringing mindfulness to my breathing and letting it rest gradually. And nowadays I am working on developing The Hoopoe House Meditations which I will announce once they go online!

Stay tuned for more articles that will take you through the governing laws of mediation, the power of breath work and the potency of flow through using your body as an instrument. Don't let the instagrammable vision intimidate you. As I always say; Well-being is a birthright. It comes with your design, you just need to know how to access it. It is for everyone.

To stay tuned to updates on The Hoopoe's Meditation, please see here.

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