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The Grounding Rules of Gratitude

Gratitude can be a powerful transformative tool. Often we do not realise that in sharing our gratitude with people, we do not only promote a feeling of well-being, but we inspire and contribute to their healing and transformation journeys.

Here are some grounding rules for my gratitude circles to support you keep a daily practice of gratitude:

1. Nothing is too small or too big to be grateful.

Human beings are meaning making machines, and if we ought to give meaning to our lives, let us do that from a place of self-empowerment and gratitude.

2. Gratitude is an act of spirituality.

It is as infinite and abundant in its power as the soul.

3. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

If you are shy, lacking courage, or afraid to put yourself out there; please allow me to assure you: 1) sometimes the best way to beat fear is to do it anyway. 2) We are all human beings here who go through the same cycles of emotions. 3) If you are in my circles or private groups, then this is a safe place where I hold your space as a professional practitioner. 4) All Seekers in my circles conform to the group rules. 5) You can always start by sharing reflections, inspirational quotes or photos you have taken to encourage you tap your feet into the waters a little deeper. 6) Sharing your gratitude publicly is not mandatory but at the same time is a very powerful tool. Create a personal journal or share in my groups or on your online space, your choice; but give yourself a chance to experience the benefit of growing the habit and practice of gratitude and supply your life with nourishment.

4. Make it simple, specific and concrete.

5. Always be grateful in the present tense.

Write gratitude for the things that have happened or are happening. You always have the choice to visualise your future in the present. This is a great tool for living your purpose, re-engineering your brain.

6. Talk about the impact.

It is the impact of things and/or people you are grateful for that lets the nourishment of gratitude run through your system holistically. For example: How did the experience make you feel? How it helped? How you developed because of it? What makes it inspiring to you? How are you using this feeling to grow or become more enlightened in life?

7. Write what ebbs to mind.

You daily gratitude can be a couple of lines, or a page. Whatever works for you, there is always enough time in your day for a 5 minutes exercise of self-care. Yes! Gratitude is an act of self-care.

8. There is an abundance of inspiration within. Tap into source.

Ask yourself: What am I grateful for today? Who can I forgive today? What does the dark allow me to see? How can I add beauty to life today? What are my recent dreams telling me? What is ending in my life now? How can I hold it with love and compassion? If I spoke tenderly to my fear, what would I say? How have the difficulties in my life helped me to know my resilience? What connects me to a sense of the sacred? How can I balance inner work with social action, ever grateful for opportunities to do both? What is it that kindles fire within me? What do I stand for? What would gratefulness whisper in my ear right now? What questions am I living into right now? Where is that special place in the world that makes you feel peaceful and calm, and that you can carry everywhere in your thoughts? What adds delight to my life? What does my curiosity want me to follow? What kind of experiences leave me in awe? When has collaborating with others made something better? What are some of my privileges? How might I use them in service of my dreams for the world? What would gratefulness “do” right now? What vulnerability needs my compassion right now? How would my life change if I believed everything is happening for my learning? What makes me hopeful? What do I learn from moments of awe? What has inspired me today? What sounds of life nourish me? What really matters to me? What have I received from my ancestors? What opportunity is calling me to be fearless? What is one memory for which I am forever grateful? What would love do?

The bottom-line is that the more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for. What goes around comes around. Whilst being happy will not always guarantee you are grateful. However, being in the mind-set of gratitude will always evoke easier access to joy (happiness motivated from within) and serenity. Gratitude fosters forgiveness, being mindful, letting go and never taking things for granted.

To join The Hoopoe Gratitude Circle, please ask here. Please make sure you answer the questions required for your join the group to support us make space for those who are in fitting with group rules and will benefit as well as respect and contribute to others benefits.

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