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The Journey to Becoming a Healing Practitioner

My work is inspired by my vulnerabilities and healing journey that I have experienced through working on myself. As a result of how I was inspired and transformed I went on to become accredited myself in many disciplines that I have tried throughout my journey of understanding what is wellness for me. I was more confident applying what I have tried with my clients. The diversity of my integration meant that I was addressing my clients' healing through a holistic approach.

I work on a four-layer holistic tier that takes into account that healing happens on 4 layers of existence which are the mind, body, heart and body. I come from a rather rich British-Egyptian background and due to having a wide exposure with my upbringing and working in many countries around the world I have developed a strong intercultural competence to work with you whoever you are and however you want to define your personal culture. I hold a confidential, safe space for you where you will find professionalism, compassion, acceptance and non-judgemental space. I don't believe in shortcuts, one bill fits all, quick fixes, I respect and honour my clients' bio-individuality, neurodiversity, and pace of healing and their personal optimal wellbeing.

I started writing at the age of 13 and in one of my first reflections in life, I realised that my vision is to bring wellbeing for others, the world and the universe. Only years later, I realised that I have to start with myself in order to transcend.

In 2003, my early twenties, as a marketing manager in a multinational after having delivered a very successful event, I watched our 6 months plans being shredded and thought I don't want to spend a life in a world where my work and impact is something that gets shredded after I leave. I started out with one sentence echoing in my head: "If I can make someone's heart smile, I may have made a difference"

Little that I know, this sentence was the beginning of many leaps of faith and roads less travelled. I have in my life experienced sexual abuse, abusive relationships, loss and grief from an early age; many traumatic experiences that I can only now say have made me grow my resilliece out of the beauty and grace of my vulnerability.

I facilitate and create 1:1 and group wellbeing and healing experiences for human beings. I hope that through my work I am able to create a ripple effect that inspires more human beings to heal.

I abide by the ethical frame work of my accrediting bodies.

For those who are interested in my accrediting bodies:

  • The Royal Academy of Psychological Coaching.

  • The International Coaching Federation.

  • Coaching and Mentoring International.

  • Drama Therapy Facilitation, Hampstead Theatre with Royal Institute of Drama and Movement Therapy.

  • The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching.

  • The New York Filmmaking Academy and Hampstead Theatre School "Drama and Art as Medium of Healing".

  • Transcendental Meditation Institute.

  • Healing with Practical Philosophy and Spirituality, London School of Economics.

  • Student Member at BACP.

In my undergrad and post grad worlds before I qualify in psychology, I graduated with the an Economics major and M.Sc. in Global Marketing from England.

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