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Wellbeing and Healing Experiences

My aim is to support more human beings detangle their minds, hearts, bodies and lives from what does not belong to them. This requires courage and determination to go through healing journeys that support the integration of all our parts and versions of the self. It requires understanding of the layers that have made us become who we are today and choose what we want to go on with or without. It requires embodying our power of choice and claiming back our free will and inner resilience to be a more psychologically informed version of our selfhood.

I have curated every experience with in depth consideration to the individuality of each participant, inviting participants to honour and own their neurodivergence and bio-indiivudality. If you have worked with me before, you will know that I am not about quick fixes or short cuts and I believe that the client has the best theory about themselves once given the right environment with the right professional support. 

Every experience is a break down of interactive inner work, discussions, meditations and healing work. All facilitated through the use of therapeutic modalities, psychological and creative performance coaching. You can have fun while healing. And in my belief in order to live in a liberated world, we need to liberate our inner worlds, so we can to the world as informed human beings who own the narrative where they are creating. The inner liberation series is an opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself, heal your relationships, find your voice, understand your wounded patterns and trauma responses and liberate yourself by developing a healed narrative for your story as the hero/heroin. 

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