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Sacred Noms Workshop

Your optimal health is dictated by too many things, but mainly your ability to change, willingness to put the work required to change and heal. Awareness and knowledge are the foundation of change, they help you develop new habits in s supporting environment.  


This workshop is aimed to support you build your strength to cultivate transformational habits to replenish your nutrients, minerals that stress robs from your body. You will understand the complex concepts made simple behind restoring your gut health back into naturally driven balance. 

We will spend the day between learning, fun exercises and we end cooking together and trying out delicious food.


This is a 1 day integrative nutrition and health coaching workshop. This is a kickstart to your healing through integrative nutrition by building the awareness and knowledge. 

Topics will include:

-  How does food play a role in our mental health?

- What is bio-individuality? 

- What is primary and secondary food?

- What are the two brains?

- Bacteria as a major component of your health.

- What are the types of toxins in food and how to avoid them?

- What is inflammation (Causes, roots and treatments)? What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

- What are food allergies and sensitivities?

- Cravings, food addictions, 

- Intermittent fasting: roots, benefits and how to 

- Hormonal health and relationship with food and intermittent fasting. 

- Leaky gut and autoimmune diseases.

- What is the science behind mixing food?

- How to choose your food sources?

- Economic resources for shopping for healthy food.

- Healthy Cooking: Ways and recipes

- Tools for eliminating unhealthy food from your diet.

- What are the different diets out there and how relevant to our health are they?

- What is an elimination diet?

- What is weight as a projection of our holistic health?

- Healthy Food Recipes that fit your bio-individuality

- Supplements and Vitamins: Good, bad, necessary or not and how?

- Daily cleansing rituals.

- Sleeping patterns Integrative Nutrition for mental resilience and emotional balance

- Relationships between our health and soil.

- Intuitive eating.

If you would like to register. Please send your interest to register here.

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