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"The first time I heard about Ghada was through an interview on the radio, I intended to contact her just to explore what I can get from such sessions. My father was suffering from senility, and the beginning of Alzheimer's symptoms, and I wasn’t able to see my hero in this situation. I was seeking professional advice on how to deal with him. At the beginning, I thought it would be only 2 to 3 sessions and that is it. Then I discovered several areas that I can develop myself through, beside the guidance on how to deal with my dad. I started discovering what is hidden deeply within myself, and discovered the ways to improve my reactions, thoughts, and different ways of thinking when dealing with my father and all the people I interact with starting from my family, colleges and managers. We kept in touch for about 4 months, throughout this period; Ghada showed extreme generosity, care, support, and professional advice. Over and above; I also had the professional advice from Ghada when I faced a sudden personal issue where I got stuck and had no clue what to do. But she was there helping me with sincere guidance." -Abi

"I thank you very much for your patience and understanding and open mindedness. I’ve had a few sessions with you and however I’m no longer with you for circumstances out of my hands, but I’m still on your advice and I still remember your wise and guiding notes and I can’t thank you enough for your clarity of messages, heart-full support and the professional ways out. You gave me hope, you gave me purpose to live for other than the impotent context I’ve been sinking in, you gave me and you’re still giving me very good support. Again, thank you decent delicate Ghada .. you’re my angel" -Carolyn

I am sharing this testimonial about Ghada with a sense of deep gratitude. With her compassionate presence, she gracefully welcomes anything you may wish to raise. You are assured by her patient, nonjudgmental and open-minded listening. You feel that no effort would be spared to provide you with every possible support.You cannot but feel empowered by such commitment and dedication to your overall well being. In addition to these rare attributes and skills, which alone would make her an exceptional therapist, Ghada is also interested in integrating the developmental and spiritual dimensions, as appropriate, making her assistance all the more enriching and valuable." -A.L
"We all go through times when we feel lost, depressed and dont have the ability to find ourselves due to life circumstances and the pressure of encountering frustrating or bad experiences in life, a moment where I surrendered. Ghada was the one who took my hand and led me from where I was stuck in the dark to the light in the journey. She chose with much patience to support me through instilling the inner resilience that would help me overcome the darkness without medications. She helped me to become more grounded, to meet shocks with resilience and be more empowered to deal with life's experiences. She helped me understand how to deal with my ego and how to control it. I was able to understand how to deal with human beings more and was given the tools to stay the best in me despite of everything wrong that was going on with my life. Ghada also helped me find my passion and the work I love to do. The journey of healing wa s not easy, but it was a rich and profound experience where I rebuilt my self and found my inner peace. Her timeline therapy was like an emotional and mental cleansing spa that to date makes me feel life has given me a new chance for a new beginning to start fresh and clean from the burdens and loads of the past and to finally get to meet the free and pure authentic me! Ghada was very professional, held my space  in a very safe environment, she offered me an experience of empowerment and support that came through with the right balance of warmth and professionalism, rare therapists can be that authentic and talented. I consider myself lucky to have came across Ghada who is such an honest, professional, generous therapist, coach, mentor and human being. She is someone who never hesitated to give me her time and her knowledge to whom I am truly grateful.¬Asma 
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