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Group Meditation

Toolbox Workshops 

Tools for Inner Work

The Toolbox edition are workshops, information packages, tools and exercise that are tailored for your healing. 

You can access the tools through different means, which are:

  • Enrolling on my 121 programmes.

  • Attending one of my Toolbox workshops, which are workshops packed with healing exercise and tools to support you wellbeing.

  • Requesting a personalised toolbox design session, I meet with you for assessment. I explain to you how to use the toolbox. You will be sent a toolbox that is designed for your healing. 

What does the toolbox edition provide you with?

1. Inner tools that support you develop a better understanding of yourself and the areas that require healing.

2. You will experience what it is to heal and how the development of certain parts within you will help evolve.

3. Understand the coping mechanisms and behavioural patterns that are unhealthy for you. 

4. Getting an understanding of the different journeys you need to lead to get through your healing, whether that be through assisted healing with me or through one of my healers network or as a self healer. 

Toolbox Workshops (3 HOURS WORKSHOPS):

January 2024: Emotional Resilience and Inner Leadership Toolbox 

March 2024: Mindfulness Toolbox

June 2024: Creativity as a tool for inner healing

September 2024: Inner Peace and Liberation





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