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121 Programme

"A well thought-out story doesn't need to resemble real life. Life itself tries with all its might to resemble a well crafted story." - Isaac Babel


I hold no more knowledge that what you know inside of you. That is your paramount source of healing. I hold your space with humility and grace as I invite you back to travel into the depth of alchemy within. To facilitate your journey with deep reverence towards a path of remembrance of the abundance of your soul and your body..your inner home.

The 121 offers a multi-modular approach to healing taking into account your neurodivergence and bio-individuality, which are things that you learn about throughout the programme, if you don't already. The healing modalities I use throughout our work together are integrative therapy, psychological coaching, breath-work, nutrition and health coaching, meditation and mindfulness 


I work with you to support your holistic wellbeing, enable you to cope with life, and restore your sense of wellbeing. 


Following the initial session, I will send you your programme with 8 sessions. We end the 8 sessions with a 9th session for review of progress and accordingly decide on what's next. 

Book this programme if:


You have experienced a trauma/traumatic event.

You are or have experienced grief & loss.

You come from a blended family and that caused a fundamental imbalance in your life that you want to work on.

You have been abused, oppressed, or violated.

You feel it is a rough ride managing your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health.

You feel broken or/and unheard. You struggle to find your mental, emotional and physical voice.

You are suffering because of your job.

You are stressed, anxious, overthinking, burnt out or/and drained.

You don’t feel life is giving you a break.

You want to build a life that supports your neurodivergence.

You are going or have been through a break-up/divorce.

You are a single parent or is directly working with children and young adults as a teacher or carer who wants to work on yourself so you can offer a psychologically informed environment for the children/young adults you have a responsibility towards.

You are working for a higher purpose/social entrepreneur and feel worked out because of excessive stress, empathy or/and lack of focus.

You are going through big transformations in life.

You feel like you have lost the ability to enjoy life post COVID.

You want to build resilience around making choices that serve your holistic health, neurodivergence & bio-individuality.

You have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

You feel like you are revolving in a vicious unhealthy cycle that you need help to break.

You are constantly worrying.

You dont feel grounded, balanced, or settled in yourself. You are constantly worrying.

You feel like you are not enough.

You are struggling with putting boundaries in your life.

You are an emotional roller coaster.

You  suffer from anger bouts.

You feel numb, shut down, or in freeze mode.

You are tired from making wrong decisions.

You feel muddled, trapped or isolated.

You want to make your life better but are challenged by time.

You have red flags in patterns of behaviour, people or choices in your life. P.S. Emotions and thoughts are choices we make too.

Your body is constantly hijacked by symptoms that you don't know where they are coming from.

You are constantly on the look for something you cant find a way out from.

Your mind is all over the place. You suffer from from irregular attention spans.

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