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Narrative Disruptors Workshop

The intent behind the workshop is to create an interactive psycho-education experience. Through this workshop, you will become more trauma informed, restore your connection with yourself and consequently your story and learn some tools about how to navigate your life and connections with others from a psychologically informed mindset. 


One of the aims of my work is to challenge the old narrative that has been given to us as conditioning and learn to construct from a place of understanding what is your optimum wellbeing. 

As a protagonist of your own story, I will work with you to  support your healing through investigating your personal history and the complex narrative structures that created your unhealthy conditioning and patterns of behaviour that don't serve your health.


We will delve into understanding trauma on the individual, collective and ancestral level, the types of trauma and how to come to life from a trauma informed place. We will play and have fun accessing the magic box within, i.e. Nervous System and how they work and interact with life's events and how trauma will get caught up in our systems until we initiate our healing process.

This workshop can be offered in a number of formats and is suitable for organisations, individuals. It is a one day workshop. Register here.

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