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Wellbeing Consultation

You really don't have to be unwell or sick to check things out in a world like today. It is called wellbeing good-keeping or sustaining a blessing. It is part of your self-gratitude rituals.

Just in case you are getting anxious from all this contradicting information that is put out there about psychology, nutrition, what is right and what is wrong for your health. 

This session is designed to help you get an understanding of where you are in life without all the pressures coming to you from social media, influencers, people around you, etc. You will understand more about neurodivergent nature and bio-individual mechanisms. I will discuss with you ways to create boundaries between what is actually happening for you and how to guard this fro external voices etc. 

This is specifically a session designed fro those who want to do a holistic wellbeing check up or rather a check up from a functional medicine approach, what is going on for you, what is needed, what is missing and how can you as a holistic and are you in a good place where you don't need to worry or not. 

You will go away with tools for sustaining your wellbeing even more. 

What to expect in this session?

1. It is a 2 hours session.

2. Creative, fun tools and questionnaires to support you seek your worries away. 

3. Confidential, safe, non judgmental and professional space.

4. A space to get your worries out in the air and do something assuring about them.

5. An opportunity to ask all the questions you need about all the information put out there within the context of my specialisations. 

Register here.

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