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Inner Circles: Relationships & Connection

There are circles that come together to address relationship issues, creating a space for inner bonding, re-construction of healthy relationships in a safe, supported, confidential and professional environment as with all my work.

6 sessions/circles - 3 hours - monthly.

This year the circle will focus on gender connection and is intended towards those who are dealing with a broken heart as a result of a relationship with the other gender, as you identify your gender. This is for those who are having difficulty in managing relationships whether that be a parental relationship, a romantic ones, with friends or colleagues at work, what ever your define as a relationship. 

This will support you:

-Understand yourself, your emotional needs, your boundaries and what do you really want in healthy relationships.

-Heal unhealthy behavioural patterns in relationships.

-Create moderated dialogues about "taboos and cliches" in relationships.

-Facilitate our own understanding of the healing work required to deconstruct our sexuality from faulty conditioning and mainstream oppressive scripts.

-Enhance the quality of relationships in your life.

-Learn how to manage relationships in your life in a way that attributes to your integrative wellbeing.

Every circle will have a theme or a question as a main topic/theme. Circles include learning, healing, sharing, and transformation. Register here.

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