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Holding Hands

The Circles Edition
Intensive Immersion in Healing

Bridging the gap - Inner Bonding - Inter-gender and different gender bonding

The Circle edition

These are circles that come together to address certain issues that support collective and individual healing in a safe, supported and professional environment. 

Women's Circle:

This workshop for women or those who identify as women, from the age of (25 - 80+).

  • Exploring the female psyche.

  • Building a network of support.

  • Re-gaining your power to enable your agency, autonomy and authenticity in life.

  • Restoring the inner bonding.


Gender Connection Circle 

This workshop is not intended for couples, but rather for people who are having difficulty in managing their current or have had difficulty in previous relationships and want to make a better round in the future through understanding themselves, their choices and their patterns, as well as the work required in supported, safe nd professional environment.

  • Creating moderated dialogues about relationships topics.

  • Facilitating our own understanding and ownership of the healing work needed on our sexuality, scripts and identity.

  • Understanding the meaning of healthy togetherness. 

  • Running an inter-gender dialogue that is psychological informed.

  • Enhance the quality of relationships in your life. 

Each circle will have a theme or a question and the total workshop duration is 6 sessions of 3 hours work, during weekends. The circles will include sharing, learning, healing and transforming through different modalities and approaches. 

For enquiries and registrations, please contact 

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