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Professional Bio

Ghada is an archaeologist of the soul, and if you look closer beyond the richness and diversity of her background, she is a passionate healer about the inner geography of the psyche and the formation of new inner healing maps throughtransformational journeys with her clients. Her work is inspired by her own personalhealing and seeking ofknowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment in life.

Ghada is British-Egyptian, qualified and accredited from numerous Internationally recognised American and British Associations. She is an accredited Integrative Wellbeing and Holistic Healer, Embodied Therapist, “Breaking the Cycle of Trauma” Educator and certainly a Narrative Disruptor through the work she brings to life. Ghada believes that human beings are the finest form of art in continuous creation and recreation, only when presented with a psychologically informed environment.

She offers a humanistic psychodynamic integrative therapy through a unique integration of psychological theories, and an approach to healing that employs varied techniques including but not limited to psychological coaching, creative performance therapy (drama and art therapy), existentialand transpersonal psychology, breath-work, transcendental and non duality meditation, kundalini yoga philosophy, integrative nutrition, functional medicine and health coaching. All in fitting with her clients’ neurodivergence and bio-individuality.

Ghada lives in the UK, her clients come from all walks of life. She practices mostly in the UK (facetoface and online), and offers online sessions for her clients from Egypt, USA, Europe and the Middle East.

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